I have always been pushed by the negative. The apparent failure of a play sends me back to my typewriter that very night, before the reviews are out. I am more compelled to get back to work than if I had a success. --
Tennessee Williams

I am amazed; until the day I die I shall wonder how Whittaker Chambers got into my house to use my typewriter. -
- Alger Hiss

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Right Tool For The Job


  1. Hi Rich, interesting point of view. I have to admit shamelessly that, although I'm over 45, I consider the speed and flexibility of a modern DSLR beat film hands down. A lot of learning the craft is about trial and error so digitally captured images provide for a quicker, cheaper and more immediate learning environment. My tenet has always been, even as a film SLR user, that a picture in a drawer or on a contact sheet is worth nothing until it is shared - that's how I and the photo find expression as I see it. But yes, I do still own a couple of old Nikon FMs and yes, my DSLR's generally set to manual. And still, the best pictures I ever took weren't on any camera at all.

    1. I understand completely. After all, here I am posting my contribution to the Typewriter Insurgency by scanning the page to a blog in Cyberspace. And my photos are scanned to disk and then posted in online forums. Technology of all kinds is a wonderful thing when used thoughtfully. When I'm using tools that slow me down, whether a typewriter or a camera, I not only do a better job but take an extra level of pleasure in the task of being that much more a part of the creative process. The tools themselves, especially if of a high quality, provide an added aesthetic. In the case of photography, one may be able to take 20 digital images for every one on film, but how many of them are any good? Often the very slowness of a process contributes to a more focused approach (no pun intended) that will produce fewer but better results again, whether it be typewriters, cameras, or whatever. Of course, I do need to pick up batteries for my point and shoot digital camera tonight...

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