I have always been pushed by the negative. The apparent failure of a play sends me back to my typewriter that very night, before the reviews are out. I am more compelled to get back to work than if I had a success. --
Tennessee Williams

I am amazed; until the day I die I shall wonder how Whittaker Chambers got into my house to use my typewriter. -
- Alger Hiss

Monday, November 26, 2012

There And Back Again


  1. Welcome back! Mold on your QDL? jeepers! I'm glad you were able to get it cleaned up and your machine is still typing well. Be sure to keep it aired out and keep those linkages working: ie: more posts! :D

    1. Yes, I was very fortunate that the machine was untouched except for a couple spots on the outside of the cover. At the time these were made animal hide glue was still in more common use and my guess is the tolex covering of the case was applied with it. As a natural, water-based product it would be more susceptible to mold which would come up through the cloth cover. It's completely cleaned now and in addition I've applied a cost of paste wax and black shoe polish for protection and looks. It actually looks better now than pre-mold. Whew!

    2. I should perhaps clarify that when I write that the machine was untouched I mean the typewriter itself, except for the few spots mentioned. The case with the tolex-like covering was another matter entirely. The covering is what was likely attached to the wooden structure of the case with hide glue.

  2. There's an Instructable on restoring badly damaged typewriter cases here:

    in case (bad pun) you feel like replacing the tolex with tartan or something :D